Wetting agent Rack should be used when the solution is operated with mechanical agitation and Wetting agent Air is an antipitting agent of a low foam type suitable for air agitated nickel plating solution. Both antipitting agents are removed by treatment with carbon.

GIT ‘s objective is to offer chemicals for corrosion, wear & tear protection, decorative and functional surface finishing of metals and plastics. GIT is founded in Deutschland, and has its head office and Breman. We develop and distribute electroplating chemicals and additives around the world. 

Our products provide innovative and cost effective solutions for plenty of markets and applications which add value to metals, plastics and other substrates by changing or improving the performance characteristics of them. 

By cooperating with us, you can rely on high quality products and excellent services that will meet your needs and help you grow successfully.

Galvanotechnik International Trading GmbH

Die Galvanotechnik International Trading GmbH handelt mit Präparaten für die Oberflächentechnik. Die Herstellung der Chemischen Produkte im Bereich der Oberflächenveredelung von Metallen und Kunststoffen ist das Haupttätigkeitsfeld.