about us

We trade with preparations for surface technology. Production of chemical products in the field of surface treatment of metals and plastics is our main field of activity.

Galvanotechnik International Trading GmbH develops, manufactures and sells special chemicals for surface technology.

We have solutions in surface technology in close cooperation with customers.

With our electroplating chemicals, you can produce economically and efficiently.

Our technologies in the field of electroplating deliver lasting and resilient results.

We process raw materials according to strict criteria in Germany. Our products are of the highest quality and the seal of quality “Made in Germany” is rightly attached to our products.

Galvanotechnik International Trading GmbH, based in Bremen, is a specialist electroplating company with decades of experience in the field of electroplating. We offer products in the areas of decorative and functional surfaces, corrosion protection and wear protection. The company is committed to the development and manufacture of modern, in conformity with the market and environmentally oriented processes for coating metals and alternative materials.

As process developers, we work with the galvanic processes of copper, nickel, chromium, zinc and zinc alloys. We also offer materials for passivation, chromating, pre-treatment, cleaning, activation and pickling.

We manufacture our products in an environmentally friendly way.

We are able to realize the customer’s special requests and strive to develop customer-specific problem solutions.