The GIT-SLUX  process is designed to produce excellent deposit of nickel on different base metals, with maximum rate of brightness and leveling and gives an outstanding performance with air agitated solutions.

The brightener system employed is versatile and gives excellent result in watts nickel formulation.

GIT-SLUX process employs two addition agents namely GIT-H700 Brightener and GIT- L900 Both are to be used for initial make up and to replenish the brightener components in an operating bath.

Occasional separate addition of Waiting agent may be required.

The process is an extremely flexible process, which can be used to suit wide range of operating bath concentration, temperature and current densities

GIT-SLUX  process can be used for either rack or barrel plating applications and both with air or mechanical agitation.

The performance can be improved on unpolished steel by the addition of separate leveling additive i.e. GIT- L900 leveler enabling the user considerable flexibility in controlling the process.

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