A high performance bright nickel plating process with an extraordinary leveling and deposit brightness across the full current density range. The system exhibits very smooth ductile deposition that can be easily shined to a mirror finish. This product has extraordinary chromium receptivity and also is designed to be used in automatic process as well. One of the most distinguished features of this system is to keep balanced the stability of the electrolyte in case of overdose usage. 

GIT-H700 can be operated in either air or mechanically agitated installations and has outstanding resistance to metallic contamination. The handling of this system is really easy and it is also adjustable for both leveling and brightness. The light and shiny Nickel deposition of GIT-H700 meets all Gold and Silver plating needs and gives us a simple Chrome process.

Galvanotechnik International Trading GmbH

Die Galvanotechnik International Trading GmbH handelt mit Präparaten für die Oberflächentechnik. Die Herstellung der Chemischen Produkte im Bereich der Oberflächenveredelung von Metallen und Kunststoffen ist das Haupttätigkeitsfeld.